If you have an unhealthy obssession with flashlights, you might enjoy something here.


This is a list of recommended items that can help both enthusiasts and those just looking for a decent flashlight.


You can't have light without power!

Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)

NiMH are rechargeable cells with similar voltage to standard alkalines, and are available in all the traditional sizes.
Regardless of the size/type, the best NiMH cells are made by Eneloop; specifically, the Eneloop Pro line offers the best performance.

Eneloop Standard (White wrap)
The best NiMH in every category. Good capacity, performance, lifespan, quality, and value.
Fujitsu (White wrap)
Same as Eneloop, cheaper in some countries
Eneloop Pro
Eneloop's "Pro" line offers the highest capacity and the best performance under load, but comes at a premium price. They also have 1/3 the recharge cycles as the standard white cells, so not recommended unless runtimes/performance are highest priority.
Ikea Ladda - high capacity
Basically the same as Eneloop Pro, but cheaper. Recommended over the Pros for price.
Amazon Basics NiMH
The cheapest option on this list, Amazon's cells are actually quite good for the price, and are the only options for C/D sizes and 9V.


For hobbyists, I always recommend getting bare cells from a trusworthy supplier. Unprotected flat-tops cells are generally best, but most cells are also available in button-top and protected versions.

There are many different competitive li-ion options with similar specs. This list is a summary of the best in each type, not a comprehensive list of all good cells.

  • 18650

  • Molicel M35A
    3500mAh, 10A CD.
    The best all-round cell for practical usage, long runtimes and good high output. Great Molicel quality and price.
    Samsung 30Q
    3000mAh, 15A CD.
    Great cell for high-power and reasonable runtimes, good quality and widely available.
    Sony/Murata VTC6
    3000mAh, 15A CD.
    Similar to the 30Q, higher max current but slightly worse under load. Arguably better quality overall.
    Molicel P28A
    2800mAh, 35A CD
    Very high output makes this the best option for super-high power/hotrod flashlights. This newer model offers superior capacity to the P26A, but still won't run long. Great Molicel quality too.
  • 21700

  • Samsung 50S
    5000mAh, 25A CD
    The new 50S offers an excellent blend of high capacity and high output at a good price.
    Molicel P42A
    4200mAh, 45A CD
    Super powerful and with good capacity, this is the best option for high-power lights.
    Samsung 50E
    5000mAh, 9.8A CD
    A bit old but still solid, high capacity but not super powerful - still enough for most lights.
    Samsung 40T
    4000mAh, 35A CD
    High power and decent capacity at a good price. A bit old though, on this list for low prices
  • 26650

  • Shockli 26650
    5500mAh, 20A CD
    High capacity, high discharge, and performs well under load, overall a great cell.
    Vapcell Red 5500mAh
    5500mAh, 20A CD
    Same as above, great quality cell, runs a bit hotter though
    Vapcell Purple 26650
    4200mAh, 32A CD
    A good high-power option, with enough capacity for reasonable runtimes.
    Vapcell G53 (Gold)
    5300mAh, 20A
    Good capacity and high CD, a good-quality cell.
    Vapcell K62
    6200mAh, 15A CD
    Super high-capacity, with solid high current discharge. The best battery in this format if runtimes are your priority.
    This cell may suffer from poor quality control and strong self-discharge
  • 26800

  • Queen Battery 26800
    6800mAh, 20A CD
    The only 26800 you can get right now, not super good. High capacity but poor power density and weak output for such a big cell. Still, it's huge.

Lithium Primary

Lithium primaries are single-use disposable cells, and are exclusively recommended for 1) Extreme long-term storage with little or no expected usage and 2) usage in extreme low temperatures. Otherwise they should be avoided for their disposable nature and high price.


Alkalines are garbage. They are never recommended. Don't use them.

Other resources

Best flashlight brands

Companies that produce great flashlights

General Brands

Aimed at general, EDC and some tactical use. Great build quality, performance, and value. Good simple user interfaces and generally good designs. Sometimes available with different emitters, but lately just cool white LEDs are available.
Extremely popular brand, with a range of useful and interesting designs. Great build quality and excellent performance, great UI, and very nice (proprietary) charging sytems. Notorious for nasty cool white and low-CRI emitters, and overpriced customized batteries.
Very high-quality build and excellent performance. A range of deisgns, a bit pricey compared to other brands here but worth it. Often have multiple emitter choices.
Super durable, excellent performance, sophisticated UIs, and great compact designs. Generally considered some of the very best flashlights, but are pricey, hard to get, andhave poor customer service.
A nice wide range of lights with great build quality, simple UI, and good performance. Not usually the greatest value, and overall pretty boring, but simply good.
A wide range of interesting and sometimes craxy designs - when they're good, they're really good.... not always consistent though, and quality control can be an issue. Often have a range of emitters, good performance, and innovative UIs and designs. Decent value.
THE budget brand, Convoy has very simple but good designs with basic UI. Performance is decent, build is great, and there are a huge number of options for emitters, drivers, etc. Absolutely killer value, but still actually good lights.
Good designs, build quality, emitter options, and value.
Good designs, great build quality, and nice emitter choices.
Super durable, with simple designs and excellent performance. Notorious for poor customer service.

Budget Brands

Fantastic value on many of their lights. Some are strongly enthusiast oreinted, others more general. Good build quality, design, and UI, with acceptable performance and plenty of options.
Similarly excellent budget brand, sister company iof Wurkkos so many comparable offerings. Some are strongly enthusiast oriented.
Simple designs, basic UI, great build quality, decent performance. Tons of options and the best value out there.

Enthusiast Brands

AKA "Hanklights" - these are highly customizable, with advanced options. Very powerful 'hotrod' style lights, with AUX, Anduril firmware, multiple diver options including dual-channel, tons of emitter choices, and great value. Probably the most popular enthusiast brand, and for good reason.
High-power options with Anduril, AUX lights, advanced drrivers, great optics, and many emitter options. Great designs and performance, a more premium option with slightly higher prices.
Many different models with tons of options, advanced drivers available, and interesting designs. Many lights include Anduril and interesting emitters.
For enthusiasts, this is the best budget brand with lights featuring Anduril, powerful drivers, AUX, and great emitter choices.
Some rgeat budget options with Anduril, advanced drivers, and good emitter choices.
High-power options, lights with Anduril, AUX, and interesting emitters. Astrolux and Mateminco are made by the same OEM.
For more info, please see this guide
Tons of emitter options, driver options, and hosts, with ability to purchase any desired components individually. Lights are cheap, simple, and very easy to modify.

Custom/High-End Brands

This is not a comprehensive list of custom makers, these are a few high-end brands with easily-available lights.

Known for the torchlab B.O.S.S. - an extremely advanced (and expensive!) light with all the features. Built to the highest standards, with some customization options.
Innovative designs with excellent build quality, low-volume and pricey but great value for what you're getting.
Prometheus Lights
Super-high build quality, simple designs with plenty of options.

Tactical Brands

Best enthusiast flashlights

Flashlights for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts

18650 Flashlights

Emisar D4V2
The Emisar D4V2 is a staple in the enthusiast community. The light is compact and well-built, while 4 LEDs and a FET driver allow for incredibly high output with a single 18650. Different diver options are available, including dual-channel linear drivers and a 6v boost driver. Tons of LED options, from super-warm and high-CRI, to super high-power, to monochromatic options. Runs Anduril and has easily-accessible flashing pads for firmware modification. Includes RGB AUX lights and customizable backlit switch, has multiple battery tube options, and several parts can be swapped out for different functionality. Available in Aluminum, Anodized or raw Titanium/Copper, Copper, and Brass. Can also be purchased as a mule. All of that for a starting price of $45!
Emisar DT8
The DT8 is basically a D4V2 extreme edition. Double the LEDs, more power/output, more insane. Not super practical but extremely fun.

21700 Flashlights

FireFlies E07 (2021 Edition)
7 LEDs and a powerful FET driver, AUX lights, adn many different options. A fantastic high-power, mid-size option.
FireFlies PL09 Quad
Smaller 4-LED light with great optics and powerful driver. Good alternative to D4V2 with longer runtimes.
FireFlies PL09Mu
9 super-high CRI E21A LEDs as a mule, also the only stock mule with AUX.
Noctigon DM11
Mid-sized thrower with a unique TIR lens and AUX, produces a very nice beam for outdoor use. Great emitter and driver options, with a pretty crazy battery tube (also has an option for 26800 tube)
Noctigon DM1.12
A Dm11 surrounded by 12 floody LEDs for a unique dual-channel experience. Not the best at either function, but a really cool and impressive multi-tool flashlight.
Noctigon K1
Extremely throwy searchlight with great emitter options and awesome RGB backlit switch. Literally a viral meme.

26650 Flashlights

Emisar D4SV2
A fatter 26xxx version of the D4V2, the S model offers more heatsinking, longer runtimes, and a throwier beam, and is much more practical as a result. All the same options as usual, many emitters, drivers, and custmization options. Runs Anduril, has 16 RGB auxiliries, and starts at $58