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Anduril Flashlight Reflash Reference

A guide to Reflashable flashlights with Anduril

Anduril-based flashlights make use of Atmel ATTINY microcontrollers (MCUs) for control. With proper equipment, the MCU can be reflashed with updated or modified firmware.

Reflashing any light will require the use of a USBasp AVR programming board. This is a cheap device which plugs into a USB port and allows for interfacing with AVR MCUs. They can easily be found on Amazon and Aliexpress.

The reflashing process may depend on the light in question. Many flashlight drivers have exposed pads on their underside that allow for easy access to the MCU programming pins, making reflashing simple. Lights that do not have exposed flashing pads will require interfacing via other means, such as MCU programming clips.

Reflashing can be done with a PC, Mac, or Android phone. This guide covers the software side of reflashing: https://budgetlightforum.com/node/68263

One of the most popular MCUs is the ATTINY1634, which often comes with a 2:4 pad layout. This MCU is used by:

  • All Emisar/Noctigon flashlights (except for the Emisar D18) - 2:4 pinout
  • Most current FireFlies lights (E07x Pro, E12R, NOV-Mu) - 2:4 pinout
  • Lume 1 drivers (Found in Lumintop FW3X) - 2:4 pinout (newer drivers, 01/20 rev B, have two pins swapped)
  • Jetbeam EC26 - 6 pinout (unique)

The kit for flashing lights with the 2:4 pinout can be purchased here:


This kit contains 1 USBasp programming board and an adapter cable with pogo pins for interfacing with the pads on the driver. The USBasp is a generic component and can be easily replaced.

The other most common MCU used in Anduril lights is the ATTINY85. This is found in:

  • Many Lumintop lights (FW-series, BLF-GT/GT mini, EDC18)
  • Older Emisar/Noctigon lights (D1, D1S, D4, D4S, D18)
  • Many FireFlies lights (E07, rot66/rot66G2, PL47, E01) - 3:4 pinout, effectively 3:3 as one pin is unused
  • Wurkkos lights (TS21)
  • Several Sofirn lights (LT1, SP36) - LT1 and some SP36 lights have a 3:3 pinout
  • Astrolux/Mateminco Anduril lights (MF01s, MF01 mini)

Some of the these lights will have a 3:3 pad layout on the driver, but most do not have exposed flashing pads. These are going to take more effort to reflash. The Emisar adapter can be used for this, though some extra effort will be required. Please refer to the guides below:



Some lights will require diassembly to reflash. Please refer to these guides:



Finally, there are a few Anduril-based lights with ATTINY 1616 controllers:

  • Sofirn SP10s/SP10 Pro, Q8, some versions of SP36 - SP10 pro uses 3-pad pinout

The procedure for reflashing will be the same as above.

Any of these lights can be reflashed if desired. If you are looking to start experimenting with fimware, the Emisar/Noctigon lineup is a great place to start, as they all use a standard system that is easy to work with.